OCA's Position on Supporting Political Candidates

Posted by Rachel Elwood on 04/28/2012

The Oklahoma Chiropractor's Association is excited about this election year and our opportunity to get to know many of the excellent candidates for public office in a personal way, as well as encouraging our members to contribute to their campaigns in educated and meaningful ways.

However, the Oklahoma Clean Campaigns Act of 2008 prohibits a lobbyist or lobbyist principal (OCA) from contributing to a candidates campaign while the Oklahoma Legislature is “in session.”  The definition of "contribution" is not defined and has a wide range of possible interpretations. 

Being so, OCA believes it is best for our profession (and for any candidates who may be our friends) to lend no involvement, support or opposition to any candidate for public office until five days after session ends (May 31st).  While this is the position of the OCA, we encourage our members to becomed personally involved and help promote chiropractic medicine through the political process.

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Junior Says:
June 8th, 2012 at 4:33 am
I agree that a personalized pisotive note/phone call to each student's homee is a wise way to start the school year. You can also inform parents about Back-To-School night during the contact.
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