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further educate you, as well as your patients.


State of Connecticut - Declaratory Ruling: "Declaratory ruling concerning whether the risk and/or possibility of the occurrence of a stoke or cervical artery dissection as a side effect should be addressed when a chiropractic physician obtains informed consent from a patient prior to the performance of a join mobilization, manipulation, or adjustment of the cervical spine"

Dynamic Chiropractic - Stroke Specific Informed Consent is Unnecessary: "There is simply not enough evidence to find that joint mobilization, manipulation or adjustment of the cervical spine causes strokes or cervical arterial dissections in patients or that patients are at risk for stroke when a chiropractor performs a joint mobilization, manipulation or adjustment of the cervical spine."

World Chiropractic Alliance - Chiropractic and the Risk of Stroke: "Even if we restrict our investigation to cervical adjustments - which have been the focus of many of the media and medical attacks - the only reasonable conclusion which can be drawn is that chiropractic adjustments do not post any significant risk of stroke and are remarkably safe."

Dynamic Chiropractic - Fighting to Debunk the Chiropractic Stroke Myth: "Although spinal manipulation could increase the risk of an embolism if a VAD is in progress, the association between the stroke and the office visit is no higher for patients seeking chiropractic care than for those visiting a general medical physician."

Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics - The Stroke Issue
: "The debate regarding chiropractic cervical adjustments and the potential risk of VAD has become increasingly more emotional and political than scientific. Quite bluntly, none of the risk estimates we hear from chiropractic opponents are based on valid scientific information."