PAC Fund

What Is a Political Action Committee (PAC)
A PAC is a bipartisan political action committee that receives contributions from businesses and members. A PAC distributes the contributions to incumbent members of the Oklahoma Legislature who actively protect and promote the interests of the Chiropractic community and are running for re-election. A PAC has been developed so that Oklahoma Chiropractors with similar interests can pool their resources in order to make the same impact as larger PACs, but without contributing large amounts of money.

OCA's PAC Fund Committee Chairmen and Committee Members decide how and to whom funds are distributed.

A PAC raises funds in an election cycle. The annual budget maybe based on:

  • Position and political power (leadership positions on average receiving larger contributions);
  • Committee assignment; and
  • Past and continuing support of Oklahoma Chiropractic

The decision to support a candidate is unbiased, and the amount of money granted to a candidate is not associated with the way a lawmaker votes on specific legislation.

Why Contribute to PAC?
To use your power to elect pro-Chiropractic candidates to the legislature! Contributions to PACs are used to elect men and women to the Oklahoma Legislature who support policies fostering Chiropractic growth, education and reimbursement. 

Contributions, no matter what the amount, go a long way in ensuring that the voice of Chiropractic is heard at Oklahoma's capitol.

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